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Merge Spaces is a beautiful state-of-the-art and amenity-rich coworking space that welcomes you to a vibrant community that encourages motivation, inspiration, networking and social events catered to what is important to you.

At Merge Spaces we are creating a community that is the foundation of everything we love about our home but merging it into the shared office experience. Our community is about connecting with each other to be the most productive and successful with everything we accomplish!

Being apart of this exclusive coworking experience will take yourself and your business to another level!

Connect with our community manager and we will help you find the perfect space for your business to focus and collaborate here at Merge Spaces.


Merges Spaces has a variety of memberships that will fit your business needs. Book a tour today and starting working tomorrow!


    Is increased in each of our members, we encourage mindfulness and wellness seminars to inspire and motivate every member. Your health is important to us and the better you feel the more productive you will be!

    The New York Times
    All workers and workdays are unique. With fewer companies and employees adhering to a traditional 9-to-5 day, the differences in our workdays are becoming more pronounced. But putting those differences aside, three overarching ideas apply to all our productivity tips:

    1. Trust the small increments. You can't expect to change years of working habits overnight. Small changes in how you work can gradually add up to big changes in productivity. Try one tip to start, and keep adding more as you find the strategies that work best for you.

    2. Be accountable. Weather it's weekly check-ins with a coworker or setting your own deadlines and announcing them to others, having to answer to someone else can often force you to get the job done.

    3. Forgive yourself. You are human: Accept that you are sometimes going to slip up, become distracted and have a bad day. It's more important to move on than to dwell on your mistakes.


    At Merge Spaces we are creating a community that is the foundation of everything we love about our home but merging it into the office experience. Our community is about connecting with each other to be the most productive and successful with everything we accomplish!

    As Merge Spaces opens our doors and enters into the hybrid era, workplace communities are one of the most clear examples of why this is important to us. Companies need to offer engaging, enjoyable experiences for each of the following personas:

    1. Mike, who works in the office Tuesday to Thursday
    2. Carrie, who is remote on and off with little predictability
    3. Luke, who is always in the office

    According to Harvard Business School professor Teresa Ambile

    "People are more creative and productive when they experience more positive inner work life, including more positive emotions, stronger motivation toward the work itself and more positive perceptions of the organization. And one of the things that contributes to positive inner work life is a sense of camaraderie with teammates and close co-workers - a sense of bonding and mutual trust."

    Merge Spaces has the flexibility your team needs in terms of memberships and the community is a connection you never had at work before!


    A growth mindset means that you thrive on challenge, and don't see failure as a way to describe yourself but as a springboard for growth and developing your abilities. Your intelligence and talents are all susceptible to growth.

    Here at Merge Spaces we want you to grow as a business and on a personal level. Characteristics of a Growth Mindset:

    1. Passion for learning, we will have lunch and learn opportunities to improve your knowledge as much as possible.

    2. Self-Belief, "If you hear a voice inside you that says you can't paint, then paint, and that voice will be silenced - Vincent Van Gogh."

    3. Live in the moment, the past is the past and nothing can be done about it. Move forward and achieve growth.

    4. Accept Exciting Challenges, when the opportunity arises to challenge yourself, rise to the challenge and show that a mindset enables people to succeed. Step out of your comfort level.

    5. Helping Others, successful people are not aware of the importance of helping. Everyone needs someone's help at some point in their life to understand how important it is to help others. Skills can be developed with a little guidance and help.

    Joining Merge Spaces can accelerate your business, we have the professional look, turnkey offices with premium furniture and meeting spaces to meet with clients. Our Concierge service is available to greet your guests when they arrive. We have everything you need to grow!

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Meet Joanna, our Community Manager at Merge Spaces. Joanna has a passion for bringing people together, her goal is to be the glue that keeps our community thriving.

Whether it’s leading a yoga class, organizing a networking event, or grabbing coffee with members, Joanna is always striving for inclusivity for our members at Merge Spaces.

She strives to be the ultimate hype-woman, here to help navigate the ups and downs of co-working life and connect you with the resources and people you need to succeed. You can always count on her to cheer on our members as they crush their goals and supports them through any challenges they may face. Joanna is highly sociable and loves connecting with people from all walks of life. Where work and play go hand in hand!  You’ll recognize Joanna by her smiling face and positive energy. She can also be commonly referred to as our “Happiness Coordinator” here at Merge Spaces.

Some fun facts about Joanna, she’s been to over 17 countries and plans to visit more, she can speak polish fluently, and loves gardening! When she’s not working or travelling, you can find her riding the slopes at the nearest ski resort.


  • working inside private office


    Enjoy your private and secure space or venture out into the vibrant shared spaces and merge with like minded business focused people.

    Ideal for 1-10 People

    FROM $1015
  • dedicated private desk


    Desk for one! We have everything you need in one space. 

    Ideal for 1 Person

    FROM $450
  • coworking desk


    Come and go as you please and cowork at your convenience.

    Ideal for 1 Person

    FROM $300

    Take your remote business to the next level.

    Ideal for teams of all sizes

    FROM $100

    For emails that just need to be a meeting.

    FROM $35

    The Treehouse event space is unique with a lush green moss wall, vibrant colours, graffiti and amphitheater seating.

    FROM $1000
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